Bailey Bridges, Inc. - Refurbish Client Owned Bailey Bridges
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Refurbishing of Client-Owned Bailey components or complete Bailey bridges is a specialized service offered by Bailey Bridges, Inc. With our many years of experience combined with our specialized facilities, refurbishing of Bailey components is a service in which we offer considerable expertise. This service is done solely in our facility in Ft Payne, AL under the supervision of our experienced Bailey staff.


Bailey Bridges, Inc. offers complete turnkey refurbishing of Client - Owned Bailey bridge components or complete Bailey bridges. Bailey’s services can include:

  • Site inspection of Owners’ Bailey materials to determine which components require refurbishing and / or replacement and to determine if there are missing components and / or hardware.
  • Trucking material from and to the Owners’ storage location.
  • Blast cleaning all structural components to white metal and finishing with a high quality corrosion resistant inorganic zinc silicate coating. Clean and coat hardware with a black Tectyl storage coating; replace broken or missing components.
  • Touch-up broken welds; straightening or replacement of bent or twisted sections of Bailey components.
  • Optional new metal decks in lieu of old wood decking can be manufactured by Bailey Bridges, Inc. and provided as part of this service. Both solid checkered plate metal decks and open grid bridge decks are available.
  • Refurbished bridges will either be returned to the Owners’ storage location or as an option, stored on Bailey Bridges, Inc.’s property until required by Owner, at a modest additional charge.